Mission Statement

A new chocolate movement giving the consumers more choice

Rare Orchid.London is part of a global collective to offer better sustainable living conditions from the cocoa farmers all the way to the customer who buys your chocolate.

Our Mission

We strive to maintain better environmental and community conditions for everyone who enjoys chocolate from the farmers to the consumers at the end of the production line.

As a globally aware organisation, Rare Orchid.London also harness important aspects which we value in equal measure which include:


The ethical procurement of raw ingredients around the world are very important to us. We at Rare Orchid.London are very aware of the importance that communities have throughout the process of growing cocoa to selling your product.

The farmers in Africa and Latin America experience challenges growing their cocoa and as part of a sustainable, ethical movement, Rare Orchid.London very much look at ways to support those growers.

As our organisation continues to develop, we will engage in ways to afford farming communities better qualities of life. Through partnerships with non-governmental organisations, for example, to offer farmers’ children better education opportunities.

We will also explore ways that their health, well-being and living conditions will improve. This may be through increasing better and easier access to potable water sources amongst many other life changing initiatives.

Community does not end there. As part of a larger collective, we will connect more chocolate sellers to share ethical purchasing and sourcing while exploring ways to improve our own environmental, social and community interests. Linking ideas from producers, wholesalers and retailers together to offer a better, more ethical product to sell.


Sustaining businesses well into the future relies on how we treat Earth today.

Chocolate relies heavily on ensuring that the natural environment which the cocoa trees are cultivated sustainably.

Given that cocoa trees rely on sound stewardship of their immediate environments, Rare Orchid.London supports sound ecological practice and will continue to embrace environmental management which harnesses better biodiversity in the smallholdings that the farmers cultivate their trees.

Closer to home, as part of responsible environmental management, we look closely at the waste streams that chocolate manufacturers make from production of their product to the consumption by your customers.

Where a workshop, factory and retailer can harness the basics of reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose principles, we will strive to aggressively market their product to a wider customer base.

Other aspects of environmental management factors play a significant role in being part of the Rare Orchid.London collective.

Rare Orchid.London aims to minimise our environmental footprints, for example and reusing by-products of the cocoa process, as much as possible.

Remaining within the framework with relevant environmental legislation also are all parts of the way we work to continually improve better stewardships of the Earth.

Social responsibility

Considering the importance that education has on the cocoa growing communities, we will go that extra step to support chocolate sellers who are aware of their cocoa producers’ workforce.

For many farmers, their families play a crucial role in harvesting and cultivating their yields.

Many children are part of the process, but it is also equally important that they can experience some level of education up to the age of 15 and older. By having a foundation of sound education, they will be afforded more opportunities in their lives.

Rare Orchid.London supports all initiatives which encourage cocoa growing communities to allow their children to have better education.

The money farmers receive should be fair. Given that what they earn very much relies on the market value of cocoa, many farmers in their rural environments are restricted from knowing the true value of their beans.

As suppliers, many farmers face the risk of being exploited by their buyers. We will explore options which they can take to be more aware of the real market value of their crops rather than take the risk of exploitation.

Partnerships with other communities and NGOs

As part of the wider community of more ethical sellers, Rare Orchid.London will establish excellent partnerships with environmental, educational, social and health related non-governmental organisations.

We take our principles of sustainable development seriously, both within the natural environment as well as the impacts that chocolate production has on the people who make it.

Through established partnerships with influential charities and social enterprises, we will be able to look at producers, factories and retailers and assess the impact those companies and organisations have on the wider environment and their communities.

Furthermore, we will be able to take ideas from those organisations to ensure that our work remains well within the confines of sustainable marketing of chocolate products.

Equal opportunity employer

We welcome the diversity of cultures that our work force brings to the collective. We fully respect that every human has thoughts, emotions and feelings and desires. In many cases, those desires include sound working conditions. In view of that, we employ staff and freelancers on the basis of their talents and abilities rather than anything else and ensure that our working conditions are outstanding.

Promote small and medium enterprises

Rare Orchid.London exists to offer wider market visibility to more ethical chocolate consumers from around the world.

We know that there is a growing international appetite for chocolate. Having more market exposure for small and medium enterprises who have a social conscience, we can offer more business opportunities to the supply chain from the cocoa farmers to the shop owners.

Data Protection

The data that we accumulate will only be used as part of selling your products and nothing more.

We will not sell any of your data/ information onto a third party. Our data protection policy is absolutely compliant with all aspects of the relevant legislation, including the Data Protection Act 2018 and all of its affiliates.