What We Do

A new chocolate movement giving the consumers more choice

We are a community inspired start-up ecommerce platform that aims to offer more market visibility to ethical small and medium chocolate sellers, offering a better competitive advantage against larger more aggressive commercial chocolate businesses.

About Us

Given that as a business, you have done all the hard work, we would like to ensure your products have a wider customer audience.

Our niche is to offer small and medium chocolate enterprises who harness our core values of environmental and social sustainability, a wider customer audience for those concerned about ethical purchasing.

Rare Orchid.London will ask your company to complete a very basic questionnaire, as much as you can, to describe your overall involvement with the process of manufacturing your chocolate from bean to bar, or to cup of hot coco.

What you provide will be used to identify the most ethical/ environmental aspects of your business which will have premium listings according to the information you give us, in descending order.

Our tariffs are significantly smaller than other ecommerce platforms, simply to keep our business sustainable, rather than profiteering from the graft you have put in.

Our commission at this stage of Rare Orchid.London is 2.75% of the sales you make from our site and we will offer free listings for the first 4 months. Thereafter, we would ask for a fee of only 12p per item listed and continue the 2.75% sales commission.

As part of the Rare Orchid.London community.

We will advertise your products on a beautifully presented platform. We will also offer you direct communication with our team should you have any concerns that you want to raise.

Furthermore, given the high quality of products that you sell, we will have a ratings and comments board for each product advertised. This should afford more market desire for new and existing customers.

All data or information which you give us will be held confidentially and treated absolutely in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Welcome to the Rare Orchid.London community.