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A new chocolate movement giving the consumers more choice

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Welcome to Rare Orchid.London, a new chocolate movement giving the consumers more choice as well as help those in the production communities a have better, more sustainable quality of life.

About Us

While Rare Orchid.London establishes our new brand, we are a start up project. We aim to offer customers an ethical choice in purchasing excellent brands of chocolate from small and medium chocolatiers from across the world.

Rare Ochid.London will soon be an e-commerce shop front platform to give chocolate sellers a wider audience and better competitive edge against the larger corporations. More importantly, offer chocolate lovers more choice in deciding the best chocolate products for their own tastes.


It takes around 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate.

A New
Chocolate Movement

Giving Communities A More Sustainable Quality Of Life

Offer Farmers Children Better Education Opportunities

Connecting Sellers To Share Ethical Purchasing And Sourcing

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